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Fifth and Final Board Game Character Revealed! Something New Coming Next Week!

After posting character teaser posters for Hamlet, Juliet, Falstaff and Viola (Captain Cesario), today we are happy to release the fifth playable character in our upcoming board game, Othello.  How could we not put the Moor in our game?  He’s a fan favourite (as artist Andy Belanger likes to say, he’s the Incredible Hulk of […]

A New Character Boards Our Game!

We’ve had quite a bit of fun in the last couple of weeks showing off the character Wanted poster teases for our upcoming board game.  The social media reaction to Hamlet, Juliet and Falstaff have been very strong.  But today we introduce a completely new character to the Kill Shakespeare world! This is the poster […]

Kill Shakespeare and Adaptations!

Conor and I had the privilege of visiting the DRA490 class (The Theory of Adaptation) at the University of Waterloo this past Monday to chat with the students about our adaptation and interpretation of the Bard’s characters in Kill Shakespeare, our approaches to the various incarnations and future plans.  It was a great session and […]

Conor and Anthony analyzing this summer’s comic book films

Conor and I appeared this morning on Global TV’s The Morning Show, one of Canada’s top AM talk shows. We were there again in our role of “pop culture vultures” to analyze and discuss the upcoming summer film season and focus on some of the comic book adaptations being released.  This is our third time […]

Merchandise now available online!

After receiving many requests over the last couple of months, we have now answered… Our ShakesGeare merchandise is now available online! These t-shirts have been available at comic conventions over the last couple of months but we are now super-excited to have them available for purchase – just in time for Christmas!  You can access […]

Round 1: Hamlet and Don John

Well, we had a small upset in Friday’s showdown… Despite the predictions by many that Coriolanus would cruise to a victory and, in fact, possibly go all the way, the general was bested by that old fool, Falstaff.  It was a very close battle and the fool won by one vote. Continuing first round action, […]

Round 1: Falstaff vs. Coriolanus

After a great kick-off to our SHAKESPEAREAN DEADLIEST WARRIOR tournament yesterday, we are happy to reveal that the winner of the Prospero/Tamora showdown, by quite  a landslide, was… Prospero!  He now moves on to square off against the winner of the… And in today’s match-up, we find the following – a fool and a general.  […]


Our first match-up features… You can vote on who you think would/should win a battle between these two (don’t forget to include not only strength but wit, cunning, strategy, etc.) You can vote on this website by placing a comment below, our Facebook page, or reaching out to us on Twitter… Cast your vote today […]

The Bard is Best

Last Wednesday (February 24th) I was given the opportunity to present a speech to the Toronto University Health Network Toastmasters Club.  I served as a ‘target speaker’ that members evaluated in an Evaluation Contest.  What was the topic of my speech?  William Shakespeare, of course – and why he should be considered the greatest writer […]