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Fifth and Final Board Game Character Revealed! Something New Coming Next Week!

After posting character teaser posters for Hamlet, Juliet, Falstaff and Viola (Captain Cesario), today we are happy to release the fifth playable character in our upcoming board game, Othello.  How could we not put the Moor in our game?  He’s a fan favourite (as artist Andy Belanger likes to say, he’s the Incredible Hulk of […]

A New Character Boards Our Game!

We’ve had quite a bit of fun in the last couple of weeks showing off the character Wanted poster teases for our upcoming board game.  The social media reaction to Hamlet, Juliet and Falstaff have been very strong.  But today we introduce a completely new character to the Kill Shakespeare world! This is the poster […]

Find This Fool (in our board game)!

After posting teaser Wanted Posters of Hamlet and Juliet, we’re now onto our third character reveal for our board game coming out in June of this year.  And today’s prey is… Falstaff! As per usual, the game designers have thoroughly enjoyed putting the fat comedic sidekick into the story and we’re looking forward to drafting […]

Enter the Radical (into our board game)!

Last week we revealed that the first playable character in the upcoming Kill Shakespeare board game is Hamlet (of course).  And this week we reveal our second playable character – Juliet! Yes, it’s pretty much as obvious as Hamlet is but why mess with a good thing?  We’ve gotten great feedback over the last few […]

First Character of Board Game Revealed!

Though I haven’t been posting many updates in the last couple weeks it’s because things have been pretty busy on this end, with some big announcements coming in the future. The item that is public knowledge, of course, is our upcoming board game, slated for release in late-May of this year.  We’re excited about it […]

Sneak peak at gameplay!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday season and a great New Year’s celebration!  Here’s to an amazing 2014! We will have a few interesting new items in the first half of this year but perhaps the most exciting one will be the Kill Shakespeare board game in May/June of this year.  We will […]

Board Game Enlists Two Murderously Talented Artists

It was announced yesterday by IDW Games that award-winning artists J.K. Woodward and Dave Dorman have signed on to serve as artists for the KILL SHAKESPEARE BOARD GAME.  We’re excited to work with these talents on the design of the characters and worlds as we move forward with the game.  We’re currently in the design […]

It’s Official: Kill Shakespeare board game to be released in 2014!

We are proud to announce that we have signed a deal with the newly-formed IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games to develop a Kill Shakespeare board game, which is slated for release in late-spring 2014! IDW approached us a few months ago with the idea of our title being one of the first board games under […]