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Game Launch? Check! Beer Drank? Check! Good times had? Check!

In the immortal words of the Bard: “that was a hell of a night.” Thanks to EVERYONE who came down to Snakes & Lagers last night to be part of the official game launch. Beer was drank, dice were rolled, backstabbing commenced (for the table I was at it came on the very first turn […]

You’re Invited!

Alright you guys, it’s time to come out and celebrate with us! The K.S. Board Game is FINALLY out and has been delivered to almost all of our Kickstarter supporters as well as to game shops across North America. We’re patting ourselves on the back and throwing a launch party with the help of the […]

The Gameplay’s the thing and it’s FINALLY here!

The Board Games are FINALLY arriving. It’s been a LONG process (much longer than we ever expected and we’re sorry about that), but we are starting to receive tweets and emails that you, our supporters, are receiving your copies of Kill Shakespeare: The Board Game. Anthony and I had the privilege to see the game […]

New York – A Hell of a Town!

Well, what has quickly become the busiest convention of the year for us has just ended… The New York Comic-Con! Some reports indicate that the show is now bigger than San Diego in terms of attendance; I don’t know if this is the case but I do know that it’s a really big show. We […]

Great unboxing video for our Kill Shakespeare board game

Board game specialist has just posed an unboxing video for our Kill Shakespeare board game, coming out this month! Take a look (and try to resist admitting that his assistants are the cutest of all-time!).  

Board game at Gen Con this weekend!

If any of you are attending Gen Con this weekend we are not… But IDW Games is!  And at the show they are demonstrating our board game for the attendees… Check out this picture of our fan Michel Villeneuve making us jealous!

Uncertain Life and Sure Death

As the Ides of March approaches I’m kind of pondering that whole: “my thoughts be bloody or nothing worth” dilemma that Hamlet wrestles with. I mean, on one hand, murder is awful, bad, and often really messy – even if you’ve already covered the bathroom floor with a tarp and have the hack-saw and bag […]

Beware the Ides of March!

We now have just five days left on our Kickstarter campaign.  And yes, the campaign ends on Saturday, March 15th, otherwise known to Shakespeare fans as…  The Ides of March!  This is your last opportunity to pre-order your copy of the game at a discount and, in the process, allow us to add extra features […]

Kickstarter: We’re funded! But there is more to be revealed!

Late yesterday afternoon we received a great piece of news – our Kill Shakespeare board game Kickstarter campaign has hit the funding goal of $25,000.  THANKS SO MUCH to all of you that pre-ordered copies of the game, art, or anything else.  We’re extremely excited and happy about this – but we have plans for […]

Pre-Order a Copy of our Board Game on Kickstarter!

Today is a big day.  Launching just a few hours ago was a Kickstarter campaign for pre-sales and purchase of additional items and features for our forthcoming Kill Shakespeare Board Game. IDW Games, with Nate Murray and Jerry Bennington running point, has done a strong job putting the game together and now this campaign is […]