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First Character of Board Game Revealed!

Though I haven’t been posting many updates in the last couple weeks it’s because things have been pretty busy on this end, with some big announcements coming in the future. The item that is public knowledge, of course, is our upcoming board game, slated for release in late-May of this year.  We’re excited about it […]

Board Game Enlists Two Murderously Talented Artists

It was announced yesterday by IDW Games that award-winning artists J.K. Woodward and Dave Dorman have signed on to serve as artists for the KILL SHAKESPEARE BOARD GAME.  We’re excited to work with these talents on the design of the characters and worlds as we move forward with the game.  We’re currently in the design […]

Prospero attacks Shakespeare (sneak peek)!

Last week we posted a preview of Page 1 of The Tide of Blood #5, the final issue in our mini-series.  Here you’ll find Page 5 of the series, as Prospero prepares to take all of Shakespeare’s knowledge from him… The issue comes out next Wednesday (the 28th).  Be prepared to be shocked by our […]

Tide of Blood #5 Cover!

Though we’ve been a little more silent than usual with our blogging and updates this summer, the entire Kill Shakespeare team has been pretty busy with a number of cool things that we’ll hopefully be able to share at some point in the near future.  One of those things, though, we’re quite happy to announce […]

Preview Pages of The Tide of Blood #4

Just completed a full day of meetings and story activity here in London and head to the MCM London Expo tomorrow for the weekend… In the meantime, here are a couple preview pages of The Tide of Blood #4, to be released next week (Wed, May 29th)… As usual, all artwork is by Andy Belanger […]

First Page of Issue #3 of The Tide of Blood

Yesterday we posted the cover for The Tide of Blood #3.  Today we’re going to do something different by posting the first page of the issue – with lettering. The issue begins with a significant character (hint: his name is in the title…) in hiding as as fool at a bar.  What happens when he […]

Cover for Issue #3 (to be released next Wednesday)!

We have just received word from IDW Publishing (our publisher, obviously) and Diamond Comics (our distributor) that Issue #3 of The Tide of Blood (titled “Darkness Which the Blind Do See”) is being released next Wednesday (the 24th of April).  It’s a fitting release day as it’s the day after the anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth/death […]

Beware the Ides of March (preview of first page of Issue #2)

Soothsayer: Beware the ides of March. Caesar: What man is that? Brutus: A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March. So goes one of Shakespeare’s most popular lines.  And yes, today is The Ides of March (the 15th of March).  To recognize this day, I am posting a preview of the first page of […]

First Page Preview of The Tide of Blood #1

Here is the artwork for Page #1 of The Tide of Blood mini-series, debuting later this month (either the 20th or 27th, depending on when they are shipped).  The issue starts off with this page, the beginning of a dream sequence that will set the tone for the rest of the series… Amazing art by […]

Glimpse at the process behind Andy B’s artwork

With Issue #1 of The Tide of Blood being released later this month (either the 20th or 27th) I thought it would be cool to tease out previews of our first page.  But what’s cool about this is that it gives a really cool insight into how our amazing artist Andy B works. Featured below […]