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Lady Macbeth’s Breasts (SFW – honest!)

We’re a week away from the release of the new JULIET trade to bookstores, and to help celebrate that we have something cool for you Shakespeare academics. Michelle Ephraim, who was one of the scholars who helped to put together our Backstage Edition has thoughtfully provided us with a copy of a Kill Shakespeare inspired […]

To all our Teacher friends, ‘sup!

While Anthony was away in Seattle converting the masses to the joys of Bardicide, Conor was beavering away back in K.S. HQ on a new project that we’ve hinted at but will be announcing “for realsies” very soon. And while he was procrastinating by checking e-mail a really cool message came in. As many of […]


It appears as though a Shakespearean scholar has not taken kindly to Kill Shakespeare and our concept… Kimberly Cox, a New York-based scholar (and coincidentally enough the girlfriend of artist/writer Frank Miller) has blasted our concept.  She has posted a long letter on, which you can check out by clicking on the link. Random […]