A Shamleless plug for a new friend!

The Kill Shakespeare boys love the sense of community in the comic world and so we’re going to make a more concerted effort of introducing you to some of the young hungry creators we’re meeting.

Richard Fairgray, New Zealand comic genius and champion invisible sandwich eater...

Richard Fairgray is an incredibly cool guy and a neat story. When we met him he was busy shoving a pen into his eye-socket… no, he isn’t a Jim Rose devotee but a comics creator. It just so happens that Richard is almost 100-percent blind.

Has he let that stop him? Hell no. In his native New Zealand he’s a well-regarded comics writer AND artist (yeah, I feel humbled. Richard can’t see and he’s ten-times the artist I am). And he also has a cool new project called Blastosaurus that is getting some Hollywood love. It’s sorta TMNT but with dinosaurs, a young idealistic boys and, well, blasters…

Anyway his personal story makes him stand-out even more, but checking out his work I’m sure you’ll agree his work succeeds on its own merit. Besides who can’t like a dude who has a graphic-novel based on one of film’s most famous legends – the Wilhelm Scream!

Dinosaurs, plucky kids and blasters -- the eight-year old me is wetting himself...

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