An EPIC, EPIC of KILL SHAKESPEAREAN EPICNESS – in four parts (To borrow from Scott Pilgrim) .

The ENTIRE Kill Shakespeare team (including that ‘wascally wabbit’ Andy) take part in a mammoth interview with Joe Wilcox at Oddly Together.

Joe is a great journalist with year’s of experience – it may be the first time we’ve been questioned by a guy who also cover’s Microsoft’s earnings.

There are four parts to the awesomeness — each one bite-sized and tasty.

This photo has nothing to do with Kill Shakespeare but she's an awesome Supergirl and I found it on Joe's site -- so there.

Act 1 – Enjoy as Andy gets to be the pitchman for the first time in a live interview. Thrill to how he says the series is about Shakespeare’s characters playing with themselves. Gasp as Anthony and Conor reveal themselves to be Bert and Ernie on acid (those aren’t two pillows….)

Sure, this isn't a photo from the ACTUAL interview, but doesn't this just cover the SPIRIT of "Andy Belanger, media maestro"

Act II – Anthony gets us on track and explains what the heck this series is actually about. And he explains how Kimberly Cox may still be trying to kill us.

Anthony, pondering the questions Joe asked.

Anthony, pondering the deep questions Joe asked.

Act III - This was a real, real treat — a WORLD-EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of art for issues #5, 6 and beyond. If you are a Kill Shakespeare devotee (as we know you are) you wanna check this clip out for sure!

Act IV - We get philosophical here and ask a big question for Bardolators: Was Hamlet a suicide-case? Did he actually LET himself be killed in the play? And does that make him one big fat coward???

All told we had a great time chatting with Joe, and we really hope you enjoy the interviews as much as we did making them!

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