Profile: Jason Chan & Spencer Rysdale

Last week I introduced some of the key members of our team – our PR reps from MDG & Associates and Smith Publicity.  This week I wanted to shine a spotlight on two individuals that have made just as big an impact on the early success of Kill Shakespeare – our two marketing interns, Jason Chan and Spencer Rysdale.

What can I say about these two?  They have gone above and beyond the call of duty for Kill Shakespeare for the last five-plus months.  Both are current business students at Ryerson and based on the work they’ve done with us I expect big things in the future.  They’ve done everything from making phone calls to retailers across North America to doing research for us to posting stuff on Facebook to hanging out with us at signings and conventions.  They have been godsends for us.

Jason Chan looking all official and stuff

Jason is our tech go-to guy.  Whenever we get proposals or ideas for online or game concepts he’s the one that we turn into.  He’s got a fantastic entrepreneurial drive and is always looking for small niches for his own potential start-ups (he’s currently working on a pretty cool idea at the moment through Ryerson’s start-up incubator).

Spencer Rysdale... composing a song about Kill Shakespeare?...

Spencer is our pitbull.  He’s always getting in our faces pushing us to get him more stuff to do.  He’s even reached to potential academic distributors to make them aware of our series (and they are very interested in it).

These are both players you want on your team.  But don’t get any ideas – we don’t want to lose them…

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