He even makes mysterious phone calls to radio call-in shows…

Earlier this week we profiled our Canadian PR firm, MDG & Associates.  Today we’d like to focus on the people that make us look good Stateside, Smith Publicity, led by Dan Smith.  We were recommended to Smith PR by Debby de Groot at MDG and we’ve been working well with them since April.

Lonnie McCullough, our publicist at the company, has been a Godsend for us thus far.  He netted perhaps our biggest media coup – an interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation - in mid-May.  This hit has led to a huge increase in awareness for our project.  We also joked that, as an actor, he disguised his voice and pretended to be people from various parts of the country during the interview to ask us the challenging questions…

Lonnie is now focused on our November release and contacting major mainstream press.  He’s great a pushing different angles – playing up the literary nature, the sex angle, the business side.  We’ve set aside some big targets for him for this fall and we think he’ll be able to hit them all – and then some!

Conor and Anthony with publicists Lonnie McCullough and Dan Smith at BEA 2010

One of our core strategies from the outset has been a major focus on publicity and with people like Smith Publicity, as well as MDG & Associates, we’ve been able to gather a lot of steam and sell our our first two issues!

(And if you ever talk to Dan, ask him about the tailoring of his pants…)

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