Perhaps the most valuable members of our team…

One of the things that came out of our meetings two weeks ago at Book Expo America was how impressed everyone (sales reps, retailers, librarians) was with the media coverage that we’ve been receiving.  Yes, we have a very interesting story that media can quickly pick up on – a unique spin on Shakespeare in a different medium, the story of two Canadian entrepreneurs putting this together, etc.  However, we would not have been able to get the amount of PR that we have thus far without the great publicity teams that we’re working with.

Representing us in Canada is MDG & Associates, a PR firm based in Toronto that specializes in the publishing industry.  Working directly with the super-talented Sarah Stevens and Debby de Groot, we’ve been able to land national media hits in the National Post, the Globe & Mail and CBC Radio 3 (in addition to some other great radio spots).  These two wunderkinds are already planning a major media push for us leading up the release of our first trade in November and we look forward to seeing what rabbits they pull out of their hats.

Thanks to Sarah and Deb for their great work thus far – and we look forward to some major media hits in the fall!

Anthony and Conor with Debby and Sarah from MDG & Associates

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