Throwing up the “B” for Bayside!…

On Friday afternoon Conor, myself and Andy drove to Belleville, Ontario (two hours east of Toronto) to visit Bayside Secondary School.  For a group of about 45 students we conducted seminars on writing, drawing and publishing, using Kill Shakespeare as an example.  Considering it was the Friday afternoon before the long weekend the students were great and many have contacted us since, asking for help with their projects.

Teacher Kent Allin was the maestro behind this day, putting on the event for everyone.  Mr. Allin is one of the coolest teachers we’ve ever met (other than the lack of proper footwear, of course…) and it was a pleasure for us to help out his classes.  Mr. Allin teaches one of the few high school English courses that are based on graphic novels, which we think is fantastic!

Thanks to everyone at Bayside for the great event!

Yes, the dude in the front is a teacher, aka a symbol of authority...

  1. Catherine Chokly Catherine Chokly
    Catherine Chokly replied on June 10, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    I guess this is a bit late, but we really appreciated you guys coming down! Thanks for the tips and the fun

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