Kill Shakespeare on EP Daily (G4TV)

We did an interview with EP Daily (Electric Playground) on G4 TV that aired last week (Wed, Apr 28th) here in Canada and the U.S.  We had a little difficulty embedding the file on our site but thanks to the web wizardry of our tech consultant Michael Ball we’ve finally been able to post it.

We apologize for the rocky beginning of the clip – for some reason it cuts right into the interview and you miss the snazzy intro.  That aside, it’s a pretty cool clip and we really enjoyed chatting and goofing around with Jose (the host) and Geoff (the producer).

More importantly, they taught us a very important lesson – that anytime you stick a mic in front of anyone they will immediately think that they are being interviewed, even if the mic isn’t plugged in or there’s no camera in sight.  We tried this a few times and it worked!…

Conor working the mic

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