Toronto Comic Arts Festival

We will be making an appearance at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) this upcoming weekend (May 8-9th) and are looking forward to it.  TCAF is a great spot for the indie comic scene and will feature a lot of Canadian-based comic creators, both mainstream and indie.  Chris Butcher, who runs The Beguiling, has done a great job putting this event together the last few years.  I attended last year and enjoyed it, meeting a lot of people.  It was last year that we were in the midst of discussions with publishers and I recall asking people what they thought of the various companies.  We heard a lot of great things about IDW and that was one of the reasons we signed with them.

We will be conducting a panel on Saturday from 4-5 (in the Learning Centre 1 room), discussing comics and Shakespeare (and whether the twain shall meet).   On the panel will be ourselves, artist Andy B, artist Jason Bone, teacher Kent Allin, and actors Janet Green and Carlos Diaz.  We’ve done two of  these panels already and are looking forward to debating the merits of Shakespeare again.

TCAF takes place at the Toronto Reference Library (789 Yonge Street) on Saturday and Sunday.  To find out more you can click here.

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