Assassin’s Creed #6 Released This Week!

Sorry I’ve been so silent on this end. Things are really busy with a LOT of projects on the go, and some really cool developments and announcements coming in the near future.

But let’s not get ahead of myself… I’m here to talk about Assassin’s Creed, as our title suggest.

ASSASSIN’S CREED #6 is released in comic shops (and online) this week – Wednesday, March 16th. It’s the beginning of our second arc, which means we keep some characters (our modern-day tale with Charlotte de la Cruz and her teammates) and introduce new ones. For the latter, it means that we talk Charlotte to the Last Days of the Inca Empire, circa 1536. It’s an amazing time in history – and an incredible society – and we focus on a new historical character called Quila, who is a “Chasqui” (a messenger) who is responsible for bringing messages back and forth between locales. The Inca society was quite developed and had created their own form of composed communication, and it’s one of these messages that Quila must deliver when she discovers it features dangerous information.

You can access a preview of the pages here.

The great artist Paul Pope does our A cover for this issue: it’s a great one:

Assassin's Creed #6 Cover (Paul Pope)

Assassin’s Creed #6 Cover (Paul Pope)

So pick up your copy this week!


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