I’m bringing my heart to San Francisco (for librarians)!

I’m off this evening for San Francisco – my first time there since attending WonderCon in April, 2010 to launch Kill Shakespeare. Why am I there? To attend the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference – one of my favorite shows of the year!

At ALA two years ago!

At ALA two years ago – librarians know how to dance!

I will at TABLE #147 in Artist Alley at the Moscone Centre from Fri – Mon so please come by and visit!

(And I’m looking forward to checking out the Pacific Coast Highway trail after the show with Lisa – my first time!)


  1. Danny in Montreal Danny in Montreal
    Danny In Montreal replied on July 5, 2015 at 11:20 am

    I’m kinda disappointed in you guys.
    I’d hoped you’d be in Montreal this year.
    Because I had prepared a little speech.
    And I had planned to show it off to you.
    But maybe I can post it here, instead –
    ‘Cause otherwise, my work would go to waste.
    (Well, “work”, I say – it’s just some idle thoughts
    That I in idle moments did perfect.)


    Oh hey, it’s the Kill Shakespeare guys again!
    How are you doing? I hope all is well?
    I see that you remember how I speak!
    And have you any wares that I could buy?
    One thing I thought of doing, once or twice -
    Was *calling* you, and speaking in iambs.
    ’cause Conor’s number’s on the business card.
    Remember how you gave me one last year?
    “Hello, is this to Conor whom I speak?
    Of House McCreery, and Kill Shakespeare fame?”
    But then I thought, that would make me a creep.
    Which I am not. At least, not of that sort.
    High weirdness, yes. Restraining order, no.

    (and then I’d go talk to some other folks
    to whom I might speak in more normal tones.)

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