Help boost the Kill Shakespeare Game’s Rating!

Hey Bardolaters and Holmesians!

We’re back beating the gaming drum again and hoping you can help us get a bit more love for our board game baby


They love it, you love it, now let the world know!

They love it, you love it, now let the world know!

Board Game Geek is a very influential corner of the internet when it comes to talking games. Right now Kill Shakespeare’s rating is lower than we think the game deserves. We’re asking you to go out there and rate the board game (obviously with what you feel it deserves), the more votes and comments  we get, the more attention we can bring to the game — and the more “frenemies” you can find to play with you!

You’ll need to register for a BGG account first, but if you like board games you’ll want one of these anyway.

Once you are a member rating a game is a bit tricky so let us walk you through it:

a) At the top left of the screen, beside your log-in name, there are a series of drop-down menus. Click “My Geek”

b) Choose “Collection”

c) On the top left is a button “Add Games’. Click that.

d) Type the name of the game you want to add in the dialogue box and click it when it comes up.

e) Once the game title is listed in your collection you can click on the N/A button below the heading Your Rating to add a rating and then click on the empty space below “Comments” to add a comment. Be honest. If you’re frustrated with the game let us know, if you think it’s great, let us know.

Thanks again for being the best group of fans in comicdom! (and gamedom now too!)



  1. David (Connect More) replied on January 20, 2015 at 3:51 pm

    This is, indeed, an excellent game made my excellent designers. So excellent in fact I give it a 9.2 on BGG! :)

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