We Did It!

Well the dust has settled and the final numbers have been tallied and people, we ROCKED this little thing called Kickstarter!

Richard sits in grim approval of our awesomeness (don't mind him, 'grim' is all he's got.)

Richard sits in grim approval of our awesomeness (don’t mind him, ‘grim’ is all he’s got).

We ended up raising $38,585 dollars — that’s 154% MORE than our original goal. Because of you guys and your support, both in pledging, but just as importantly in spreading the word, we ended up hitting a stretch goal as well. The game now has a better board than it would have without you.

And, I hear rumours, and these are JUST rumours that because we came so close to the SECOND stretch goal — that we may end up seeing that happen anyway! Plus IDW has mentioned their might be some other surprises kicking about for those of you who pledged.

Now I have been hearing a few common questions so let me answer them as best I can:

Iago's severed head has a few questions he'd like to ask...

Iago’s severed head has a few questions he’d like to ask…

Q: Conor, I totally MEANT to support the kickstarter but I was kidnapped by Bolivian revolutionaries and just got back from Sucre… What do I do? Can I still get the Game?

A: Yes. Yes, you can. The game is going to be distributed widely. IDW wants Kill Shakespeare and all the other games coming out to be easy to get. Your local comic shop can order them, as can any store that specializes in board games. We’re told that most of these stores will be able to stock Kill Shakespeare starting in June. And of course, Anthony and I will probably bring a few copies to sell to most conventions.

(Oh, and I hope you had a chance to say “hi” to Evo Morales when you were in Bolivia…)

Q: When will I get my game if I supported the Kickstarter? Before those “Hamlet-come-lately” store buyers?

A: We’re told end of May is the likely time for that. The game has been thoroughly play-tested, we were just waiting to see what kickstarter goals we hit before sending the game to printers.

Q: So, IS the game going to be even more awesome than I am currently thinking it will be?

A: Yes! Definitely! I can’t tell you what it’s going to be but IDW and Pandasaurus have already GUARANTEED that there will be bonus content shipping with your game.

This is definitely NOT a hint.

This is definitely NOT a hint.


Nosiree... no hints here. Not a one... Uh-uh....

Nosiree… no hints here. Not a one… Uh-uh….

Q: When can I play you and Anthony?

A: Why, we’re glad you asked that! We’re planning a couple of events, including one here in Toronto, that will give you a chance to play the game against us, see what all the fuss is about, and get copies for yourself.

And right here, right now, I’m saying if you can manage to beat me I will…. uh… sign your comic books for free!

(what can I say? I suck at games…)

Q: Is there anything else I can do to help the game out?

A: Yes, for sure. Once you have the game set up some nights for your friends, and then encourage them to go to their local store and get them to order it. The more we can pull games through the retail channels the more IDW is going to want to do expansion sets and then some of those other stretch goals we just missed out on may become a reality (Meeples anyone?)

Again, you guys are amazing. We’re the luckiest creators in the world to have friends and a fan-base like you.

Much thanks,

Conor & Anthony.

  1. David Minken replied on March 18, 2014 at 10:38 am

    I have played this game in its final play tested state and it is outstanding!

    I cannot wait to get my hands on the final printed version!

    I look forward to seeing where you guys take IDW games from here!


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