Kickstarter: We’re funded! But there is more to be revealed!

Late yesterday afternoon we received a great piece of news – our Kill Shakespeare board game Kickstarter campaign has hit the funding goal of $25,000.  THANKS SO MUCH to all of you that pre-ordered copies of the game, art, or anything else.  We’re extremely excited and happy about this – but we have plans for more!

The campaign runs until March 15th – yes, the Ides of March! – and we will be announcing some really cool stretch goals.  The next goal up is a Board Upgrade, which will upgrade the board to a 3mm thickness. That’s almost twice as thick as a lot of what’s in the market right now. You’ll feel the difference instantly.  Once we hit $40,000 this becomes unlocked for all games.

And then we have more goodies to unlock beyond that so keep spreading the word!

Stretch GoalsAgain, THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us get to this point!

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