A New Character Boards Our Game!

We’ve had quite a bit of fun in the last couple of weeks showing off the character Wanted poster teases for our upcoming board game.  The social media reaction to Hamlet, Juliet and Falstaff have been very strong.  But today we introduce a completely new character to the Kill Shakespeare world!

This is the poster (artwork by JK Woodward) for the pirate Captain Cessario (aka Viola)!


When we began to collaborate on the board game with IDW Games, Pandasaurus Games and designers Thomas Vande Ginste and Wolf Plancke, we immediately wanted to add to the experience by introducing a new character into our world.  One of the most popular female characters in Shakespeare’s oeuvre has been Viola from Twelfth Night and we’ve wanted to play with her traits so here she is!

When the game is released we’ll tell you more about the back story that we created for her but it’s an interesting one, and something that people will be talking about quite a bit (and yes, it involves the famous trope of cross-dressing)!

We’re going to have another big announcement for the board game starting in just over a week so pay attention to this spot or our Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr pages.

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