Swimming with fun at Lakes!

I’ve forgotten how much of British culture revolves around the pubs…  I’m currently sitting in the only place with WiFi in Kendal city centre, a pub where I’m picking up northern British slang indirectly…

I just finished the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival earlier today.  The first (hopefully annual), it was a fun event in the beautiful Lakes district that brought some of comics’ top talents (Ed Brubacher, Charlie Adlard, etc.).  I was fortunate to be a last-second addition to the Clock Tower stable of talent for the weekend.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the event – those from Kendal and those around the district.  Thanks to Julie and Jenny, the chief organizers, who added me to the roster.  Thanks to Owen and Emma for introducing me to the show.  And thanks to Mike Holman at Diamond Comics UK who helped arrange for books to come (and Jon Harrison from Forbidden Planet who brought them).

Here are a selection of photos from the weekend… Enjoy!

This young man was allowed to purchase one book on Saturday. One book only. After extensive looks it came down to Kill Shakesperare and a space science book. What did he choose? Take a wild guess...

Purchasing Christmas gifts for a friend... And trying his best to keep it a secret...

I met Tim and Roisin (sp?) on the train to Kendal on Friday... and turned them into comic readers! Here they are with Dips and Harps

Secretly showing off his new Shakespeare Fighter shirt

Matthew Crehan shows off art for his Kickstarter-backed The Art of Running: The Steve Prefontaine Story graphic novel

A hockey jersey in England?

For once I wasn't the only Canadian! Chris and Andrew Butcher of TCAF and Toronto's The Beguiling attended the show.

This woman was our first customer and bought a copy of KS for her son - who came on Sunday to thank me (and her)!

Anthony with the Manchester boys James, Andrew and Mark.

With Orbital Comics' Chris Thompson!

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