We never slept – well, because it was New York…

I’m back in Toronto, finally catching up on everything from this past weekend.  The New York Comic-Con was amazing – so much fun and we burst through to break our sales record – by quite a bit, actually.  We sold out of our new Volume 3 on Saturday afternoon, and Volumes 1 and 2 early on Sunday.

In addition, our tshirts flew off the table and our new Shakespeare Fighter design was a HUGE hit.

Thanks to everyone who made it such an incredible weekend for us – the organizers of the show, REEDPop (especially Jenny Martin), our hosts (Vanessa, Eric, Stephanie), Oliver and Mike from Mad Scientists (helped store and deliver our tables), everyone from IDW, and most importantly, everyone that swung by to say hello!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Publisher Weekly's Calvin Reid modeling our new Shakespeare Fighter tshirt

The crowds!

The first purchasers of all three books

Oliver and Mike of the First Law of Mad Science displaying their dance moves...

Yes, we're sell outs...

Bret Benson of the Middle East Film & Comic-Con shows his love for Wisconsin.

Who needs security when you have these troops?

One of my favourite costumes - the robot from Bad Robot Productions!

Anthony and Conor with ReedPop's Jenny Martin

Anthony goes under the third degree in an interview with... Anthony

Anthony and Conor with Captain Action's Ed Catto

Our neighbours, David and Sarah of Fructose Zombies

The first convention purchase ever by this young man!

Darth DMC. Word.

Conor and Anthony with Ariel McManus, who assisted us on Saturday

First purchaser of our Shakespeare Fighter tshirt

Playing up a nerd stereotype with publicist/journalist/friend Kate Kotler

Anthony sings the national anthem with Sushi

Last book sale of weekend!

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