Excitement! Electricity! Edmonton!

I attended the Edmonton Expo this past weekend and it was an amazing time!  The Edmonton Expo merged with the organizers of the Calgary Expo two years ago and this year attendance doubled so I was glad to be part of such an amazing show.

Thanks to the organizer, Shane Turgeon, the artists I was placed with, and most importantly, everyone who came by my table to say hello, get something signed, pick up a book/shirt/buttons, or just threw a smile in my direction.  A special thanks to my Aunt Elizabeth who provided accommodation, rides – and perogies!  And thanks to Aunt Adeline and Uncle J.D. for coming out and also helping with meals during my stay.

I hope to attend next year’s show!

Here are some pics from the weekend…

The official poster of the Expo, featuring the Image series Elephantmen (art by Boo Cook)

Kill Shakespeare: Starting marital squabbles since 2010...

One of my most favourite things is when fans come to show with our ShakesGeare shirts! I love it!

Anthony with the real Elephantmen, Richard Starkings and Boo Cook.

This is a new way of getting into a show when you don't have a ticket...

Uncle JD was able to meet some new people at the show

Anthony with top comic writer Joe Keatinge (Glory)

Saturday night dinner with the guests from the show - Veggie Garden!

Artist Adrian Alphono is always suspicious...

Anthony with Aunt Adeline and Uncle JD

Anthony and Farrah critique the work of Vic Malhotra (Tiger Lawyer, Joe Hill's Thumbprint)

Not scary at all... (insert gulp)

Anthony joked with the volunteers about wanting cupcakes or cookies at 10:45am on Sunday. Lo and behold, at 10:39am they delivered two cupcakes and iced tea! Amazing! Thanks so much!

Eating the cupcakes with Aunt Elizabeth!

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