Anthony talks Oscars!

With the ending of the Toronto International Film Festival, Oscar season is in full-swing!  A big area of interest for me is the annual Oscar race and I’ve done interviews on a number of media shows to discuss the politics and campaigning around this season.

One show I’ve been on a number of times is The Stephen Holt Show (the self-prescribed Oscar Messenger), based in New York.  Stephen was in Toronto last week for TIFF and I sat down with him at the beginning of the fest (just before heading out to Baltimore) to talk Oscars.  Here is part one of the interview (Part 2 is here):

  1. Stephen Holt replied on September 16, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Er, that would be “self-described” not prescribed. But it was Tom Hooper of “The King’s Speech” who named me the Oscar Messenger and it stuck!

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