“Who knows, all the world may one day be their stage…”

A someone who has read Canada’s Globe & Mail for years and years (I remember waiting until they were delivered to the corner store in Timmins, Ontario everyday at 4pm, a full 10 hours after people in the rest of the country would get it), I’m quite excited to see a profile of Kill Shakespeare in today’s paper (click on the image to link to the article)…

Profiled by John Barber, the article features an interview with Conor and I, but more importantly features the artwork of Andy B, including his character designs.  We’ve also had some great comments on the page, ranging from people who think that this is a blasphemy and that we’re driven by greed (?), while others think that it sounds pretty cool.

Please forward on this article to everyone you know – let’s spread the word and get people talking!

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