FAN EXPO 2013 – Part the First

All hail FanExpo!

Thanks to all of you awesome people who came out to Canada’s largest pop-culture show this past weekend. The Kill Shakespeare gang had a fantastic time meeting new friends, saying hello to old ones, and crossing (verbal) swords with anyone who came within shouting range!

A big thank you to Keith Morris and Sam Zimmerman, our AMAZING interns who did a fantastic job selling books and merch with us (well, thanks to Keith for the the five minutes he actually bothered to SHOW UP).

There will be tons more photos, but here are a few to whet your appetite for the weekend!

If you think leading off with a baby is a cheap ploy for attention, well then... you know us too well...

At every show only ONE zombie costume can be our favourite. This is that zombie costume.

A giddy Lauren adding one of the few pieces of K.S. swag that she doesn't have to the collection - the limited edition Tide of Blood Poster!

"Kill Shakespeare, inspiring violence between friends since 2009."

Our good friend Makenzie dazzles as Holly Quinn - "loiverly!"

Conor's adopted "Con family."

Claire: “Dude, what the heck are you doing?”                                                                                            Conor: “The Lego-robot.”                                                                                                                         Claire: “Uh, how is that different than a normal ‘Robot?’”                                                                 Conor:   “Well, d’uh? Haven’t you ever heard of brick-dancing?”                                                         Claire: “…. I hate you.”

Conor at a loss for a quote? That's unpossible.

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