LOVE IS IN THE AIR – Well actually a box…

A Kill Shakespeare team-member is getting married!

(Don’t worry ladies, it isn’t Anthony, you can put your hearts back in your throats – GRIN).

No, this is the rather unsung Alex Bethke, part of the team that has been working hard to design a prototype for a Kill Shakespeare inspired word battle game.

Alex let me know that last night, he proposed to his now fiance, Kienan Marie Walker, and she said YES!

Of course, given what Alex DID for his proposal how could she say no?

First off, the ring, a THIRD generation heirloom, was pretty cool.

The one ring to rule Kienan's heart

But then there was what Kienan had to do to get to the ring. You see, Alex decided to go full Geek-Fu on this proposal and designed, and built, a 977 PIECE PUZZLE BOX for her to master.

I could’t even PUT TOGETHER a 977 piece lego set — and he designed it AND built it (based on the Hellraiser design, naturally).

What’s more, the box had over a DOZEN puzzle elements — Kienan even needed a hint to try to solve one of them.

Alex filmed the four hours it took him to build the box as a gift and then presented the whole thing to her at night, surrounded by candles, on their balcony (using the Fight Club “Your one perfect moment…” quote as the lead in).

Alex with the tools of his love - Lego.

And she said yes!

So, we congratulate Alex and Kienan on what will undoubtedly be a very entertaining life together (I’m just wondering if Alex is going to show up at the altar submerged in a giant aquarium and have to make a Houdini-like escape in order to kiss the bride).

All the best to the new couple from the rest of us the Kill Shakespeare team!

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