The Long Wait is Over – final Tide hits stores on August 28th

After what seemed like FOREVER, the final issue of Kill Shakespeare, The Tide of Blood is steaming its way from the printers in Korea to YOUR local comic book shop!

(o.k., it probably isn’t STEAMING its way here, since this isn’t 1910, but “dieseling” doesn’t have the same romance now, does it?)

The issue will finally run aground at your LCS on the 28th of August. We apologize for the big gap between issues #4 and 5 — there were some script issues we had to iron out and Andy hit a crazy busy patch in his work and personal life and it all conspired to see us JUST miss our July deadline.

But that is the past, and the future is…

…. well, one HECK of an amazing end to the latest series! Issue #5 is a wild, break-neck race across the island you’ve grown to fear.

This puppy will wrap up the increasingly jagged love triangle between Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, will result in a wild three-way between Prospero, Shakespeare and Lady M (a WIZARD BATTLE you sicko, get your mind out of the gutter), and we’ll get a better sense of just what Sycorax has in store for our heroes as well.

I might even say it all ends on a “high tide”?

(No? No, I shouldn’t? In fact I should never try that pun again?

Fair enough…)

“Groaners” aside, because we’re generous guys, below is a sneak preview of the VERY first page. I don’t know how many other special peeks we can give you, every page is a spoiler in this 28-page juggernaut, but we can at least get you licking your chops for some Shakespearean action!

Thanks for being patient, and for being the best fans in the world! (and for those of you who may have missed it, I’m also including the cover here as well)

The final issue starts off with a "shuk" as we show you how to deal with a romantic rival: cray, cray Romeo-style!

Simon Davis, who started the series with his great take on the classic Gravedigger scene, returns here with an amazing shot of the mad-wizard Prospero


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