Check out the Nerdist Comic Writer’s Panel

When I talk at schools or at comic conventions, a lot of people who are looking to get into comics (or are at the beginning of their comic careers) ask me for references – books/series to read, etc.  I have a number of recommendations that I give out but I always feel weird doing so – I feel like I myself have a lot to learn as well.  With this being the case, I make a HUGE point on a regular basis to listen to podcasts, read blogs and books about the craft of storytelling in the comics medium as well as film, television, stage, etc.

One of the podcasts that I’ve listened to quite a bit in the last year is the Nerdist Writers Panel.  Host Ben Blacker interviews (live) a number of television writers every week about the writing process, the stories they have told/are telling, and gathers a number of great insights.

Recently he has started up a new podcast devoted to writing comics, the Nerdist Comics Writers Panel.  They have just aired two episodes and both feature a panel consisting of the great Len Wein (creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing), Adam Beechen (Batman Beyond) and Heath Corson (Aim High).  Neither of the two episodes have knocked me out (but have done a good job of talking about the history of the medium) but the show has a lot of potential to bring on other guests and get more insights into the tricky task of writing for comics.

So if you’re looking for some insights in the process of writing for comics I recommend checking out the podcast – download it on iTunes.  And if you’d like some other podcasting suggestions (or have suggestions for me) please reach out to me!

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