Bonus Sneek Peak of Issue #4

With the skies pretty dreary here in Toronto and the temperature being a jerk and dropping from the lovely 20 degree days we’d enjoyed a week ago to as low as nine (seriously?). I know that I really need a pick-me up.

So, I thought I’d share that impulse with the rest of you. Normally we only toss out four preview pages from any given Kill Shakespeare installment, but with issue #4 due out tomorrow and such a grey day around me I thought, what the heck? Go nuts.

So here I am, going nuts (I’m a wild man, you should see me eating full-fat yoghurt… bad!).

Enjoy! (As always all pencils and inks are by Andy B. while Shari Chankhamma turns in another superlative colours job).

We asked Andy to make this scene almost feel like it was in the ocean. I think he nailed it.

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