Conor’s Con Pix Galore! (And an ANDY B. retrospective: “A Man and his Beard”)

The past few weeks have been a pretty busy time for the K.S. boys. You’ve seen Anthony jet off to exotic far-flung locales like… Ottawa and… Calgary…

But while Anthony was enjoying the high-life, poor lil’ ol me has been stuck doing AMAZING SHOWS in Chicago and right here in Toronto — TCAF 2013.

I’ve been quite the shutterbug as I learn to play with this new Galaxy Tablet and I even took a bit of video of the Kill Shakespeare stage show that played at C2E2.

I wanted to share some memories of the events and thank all the amazing fans and friends who came out and supported us in both places. I had SUCH a good time talking with all of you.

We’ve said it before, but I don’t believe that any other book has such diverse and interesting fans as K.S. does!

Now let’s see some photos!

Below are a few from the stageplay that went on at C2E2 and was put on by the amazing Strawdog Theatre. I’ve already posted a few on our Facebook account, but these are a few samples that I took of the show. The rest you can find in this album.

"Hey kid, I can make you a star!" K.S. Director Anderson Lawfer greets me at the door of Strawdog Theatre

The cast in action on the Variant Stage at C2E2

"Lusty Ladies! Falstaff is here!"

The whole cast and crew celebrate a succesful show

Of course C2E2 was more than just theatre — we also had fans and cosplay galore. To get a flavour of the delightful madness here are a few shots to whet your appetite. You can see more of C2E2 in this album.

Hey, I don't judge. Some of my best friends are wookies!

When Anthony goes to cons, kids attack him. Me? I try to turn them on each other. It's a bit less chivalrous, but much less painful.

One of these people is the official jester of Milwaukee (no, I'm not even kidding)

Shakespeare! Smash!

This past weekend was TCAF — a more “refined” comics experience. While cos-play isn’t really a “thing” at TCAF it was a great chance to see old friends and to steal a ukele

This is the shunning you get for having not read Kill Shakespeare

Our man Chris gets involved in the dreaded ukele tug-of-war.

For more TCAF click here.

And finally, for those of you who haven’t seen Andy B. for awhile you may not know that he now owns the 1,965th best beard of ALL-TIME. He just passed this guy and is closing hard on these guys.

Andy graciously agreed to pose for a series of photos so we can commerate a time when life was simpler, and all that mattered was a man, his beard, and how many birds could nest within it.

Hey Andy, Rasputin called... he wants the "Mad Monk" back.

For the entire, surely to be award-winning, collection – click here… if you dare!

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