Happy 10th Birthday TCAF!

Like many 10 year-olds the Toronto Comic Arts Festival is really precocious.   The show has taken on the personality of its founders Chris and Peter from The Beguiling and has come to represent the best place to go to see the edges of comics culture.

If you’re the sort of person who says they don’t read comics, or likely, given that you’re reading this post, you’re the kind of person who KNOWS someone who says they don’t read comics THIS is the show to attend.

At TCAF you’ll see stories about EVERYTHING under the sun. This year the show will debut a quirky food driven bio (Relish: My Life in the Kitchen), an all-ages book written by Gilbert Hernandez, one half of the amazing team behind Love & Rockets (Marble Season), a comic totally devoid of dialogue (Silent Worlds), a story about facing death at the hands of Cancer (When David Lost His Voice), a love-story set in the World War 1 era Croatia (Black Paths) and a story told from a German Shepherd’s perspective (uh, I ‘m A German Shepherd).

And of course their is plenty of the genre stuff you know and love with Sci-fi, Crime, horror and even superhero stories galore!

It’s also an  amazing show because we get sleep in our own beds (yay!).

So come out this weekend to TCAF and say hello to Conor at his sentry position at the entrance of the RAID room AKA Learning Centre 2.

The show starts at 9 AM on Saturday and runs until 5pm (another reason they love them — ample time for dinner!) and on Sunday the hours are from 11-5.

Click on the map to enlarge. The RAID room is on the right.

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