Pics from Calgary!

After five weeks straight of traveling I’m finally at home for an extended period of time… Well, until next Thursday when I head to the Ottawa Comic-Con… And I’ve just gone through the photos from Calgary (below).

What a great time I had in CowTown!  Another Expo, another great time.  We sold a lot of books, shirts, buttons and had a great time meeting new fans and readers.  Lots of people – perhaps more than most other shows – were already fans of the series and picked up issues of the new Tide of Blood series.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the show – especially the volunteers, who were amazing!  I’d like to single out Doug and Carrie-Ann, especially the latter, who provided sales relief during a good chunk of Saturday.  And Tasha Zimich, who would inch over from her Sky Pirates booth to help out as well.

I look forward to attending next year!

Hannah and Sali came all three days - in different outfits - to express their love for the series!

Anthony wins over a skeptical reader

Running to Get her Copy!

Our top fan of the Expo! Garth brings us a muffin from the green room...

Best Ewok ever!

Fighting for their copy of Kill Shakespeare

Carrie-Ann and Tasha, who helped out at the table

Another day, another shirt to sign...

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