Issue #3 is released today!

The day has arrived!  Issue #3 of The Tide of Blood is in comic book shops around the world today!

We’re quite excited about this issue.  The continuation of the saga of Juliet, Romeo, Hamlet, Miranda and Prospero continues in this issue and not only are we happy with the story but Andy Belanger’s artwork is amazing.  He has a great take on the look of Prospero but also the mad wizard’s setting.

The early reviews are quite positive as well.

Keith Silva from Comics Bulletin writes: “As aesthetics go, Kill Shakespeare: Tide of Blood comes as close to perfection — to some sort of golden ratio of comic books — as any art aspires to achieve.

Lyzard from writes: “What Belanger chooses to do with Prospero’s “study” works as both an homage to the source material and a giant leap from anything put to paper, canvas, stage, or film.

Samantha Roehrig from Comic Bastards writes: “I love how raw the pictures are in this comic. It draws me into the play and I can’t stop thinking I should drink poison or stab myself with a dagger in order to fit in. I can’t wait for the big fight scene.  I love Shakespeare and I am wondering why it took me so long to pick up this comic. So don’t miss out on this newest installment.

Page 11 - Miranda and Lady Macbeth enter Prospero's study/library.

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