Rave Review for Kill Shakespeare #1!

It’s always fun to start a week with a rave review…

CraveOnline is a really cool entertainment website that serves as a portal for a lot of entertainment sites dealing with film, game, comics, sports and video.  We did a fun chat interview with Joey Esposito yesterday and he has posted the interview as well as the review on the site.

The review is quite nice and features some really great thoughts on the first issue, including…

“Be it sonnets, tragedies, comedies or anything in between, The Bard will forever be worshiped as perhaps the greatest storyteller of all time. That’s why, when some two-bit comic book creators want to come along and shake things up, thespians and literature geeks might cringe at first mention.  Except they shouldn’t.”

“The writers have struck a nice balance to satisfy both Shakespeare junkies and those just looking to read the next big thing.”

“What really stands out in issue #1 of Kill Shakespeare is Belanger’s visceral layouts. Every page feels different and dynamic, drawing the eye wherever it needs to go regardless of the panel layout. Belanger is sure to be a staple of the industry in the next decade, and Kill Shakespeare just might be the book to get him there.”

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