Conor on stage with Neil Gaiman (Video)

As mentioned last weekend I had an amazing time out in Orlando where I got to be part of the International Association for the Fantastic Arts’ annual conference.

One of the real treats was getting to be IN a play with Neil Gaiman. The play was called “The Sum of Your Experience” and the lovely dirtectrix, Carrie J. Cole, sent me a link to a video of the show.

Bill Clementine, a noble IAFA member, shot the video and edited it for this clip and the narration is provided by Brett Cox.

(And if you don’t know which one is me and which one is Mr. Gaiman? I’m the handsome one – GRIN)

We did this after just one hour of rehearsal – so I think it’s pretty amazing we didn’t screw up too many lines (I combined two lines once but Neil covered like a champ — see if you can spot my screw-up).


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