Spinning Tales at FableTown and Beyond

Safely entrenched in Anaheim after a busy few days in Los Angeles, and prepping for WonderCon, I’ve now finally be able to catch up on the events of last weekend.

Last Fri – Sun saw the first-ever FableTown and Beyond convention in Rochester, MN.  Not just a convention for the hit Vertigo series Fables, it was an exploration and celebration of “mythic fiction” in comics today.  In addition to Fables and Kill Shakespeare, the show also featured titles like The Unwritten, Mouse Guard, Mice Templar and others.

It was a fantastic convention and we made a lot of new friends, hung out with some great people and artists, sold a lot of books and t-shirts, and survived the cold weather of Rochester.  I hope that there’s a convention next year because this was one of the most high-spirited event I’ve attended and enjoyed it immensely.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

The official bar of the weekend was the Kill Shakespeare Bar!

Anthony was asked to do a sketch for a fan... Yeah, it's not that great...

Anthony with Mike Carey (Lucifer, The Unwritten), one of the most talented writers today in comics

Anthony on the "Defining Mythic Fiction" panel - from l. to r. - Van Jensen, Anthony, Kurt Busiek, Mike Oeming, Steve Leialoha

I don't need no stinkin' glass!

Anthony had to do a panel by himself so randomly selected people from the crowd to sit on it with him...

The drinks menu at the Kill Shakespeare Bar. Anthony went exclusively with the Shirley Tempest

Anthony didn't care for the puppet's definition of "mythic fiction"

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