Mirrors galore! Galore Mirrors! (Issue #2 Cover)

On Friday (the Ides of March) I posted the first page of Issue #2 of The Tide of Blood.  Allow me to take a step back and feature another piece of art from the issue – the cover image!

Created by Andy Belanger, it’s a cover that nicely hints at the peril that the characters will undertake on Prospero’s Island in this issue.  And it also gives the reader a clue of the story point in the reflection created throughout.

The cover of Issue #2! 2# eussi fo revoc ehT! (Created by Andy Belanger)

Props to Andy for this awesome cover, and for the team at IDW (namely Chris Mowry) for also adding to the mirror effect with the logo and blurb.

Look for Issue #2 at comic book shops next week – Wed, Mar 27th!

And here is the original art piece.

Original art by Andy Belanger

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