Attacked at Guelph’s The Dragon!

Andy and I, along with the uber-talented and amazing Becky Cloonan, headed to Guelph this past weekend to do a signing at The Dragon, the Eisner Award-winning comics retailer.  It was a fun afternoon that involved visits from family members, theft of Eisner Awards, employee Tyler Jirik receiving a raise and then being fired and then hired again, and another attack at the hands of Mason (this is the third or fourth now, I believe…).

Here are some pics from the day!

It's not a signing unless Mason Chantler comes and kills Anthony with a sword...

Tyler cries as he's fired in the midst of our podcast...

Andy and Anthony with Mike, the first customer of the day!

Anthony hangs out with two brothers - one shy and the other not

Andy and Becky with Andy's family!

Andy, Becky and Anthony were visited by Anthony's sister Anna and her boyfriend Andy

Tyler with the Eisner Award, which he took credit for - and led him to getting a raise, then being fired, then being hired again, all on the same day...

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