Release Day Signing at Paradise Comics (Photos)

Back on April 14, 2010 the very first issue of Kill Shakespeare was launched (boy, that seems like such a long time ago…) and on that very day we did a signing at Toronto’s Paradise Comics.  To see a couple photos from that day you can click here.

With the release of our new series The Tide of Blood we were able to repeat our release day signing spot and return to one of our home stores (we seem to have a few, seeing as how we’re blessed to have a number of really great stores in Toronto; I was chatting yesterday with one of the top comics journalists and he made sure to point that out).  It was great to visit Doug and Pete at Paradise and sell/sign some books.

Here are some photos from our signing this past Wednesday (the 20th):

Where did that copy of Kill Shakespeare go?

It's great to see Kill Shakespeare back on the New Issues shelves!

Keith Morris, our amazing marketing intern, highlights the ad he created that's inside the issue

Screenwriter Lee Hoverd swung by to make fun of Anthony...

Producer/editor Mitch Lackie brought along some voracious readers, Emily and Samantha

Lucie Fleming (bottom, centre) is asked for her opinion on the new issue...

Anthony and Conor with the Paradise Comics Posse

We're not sure what The White Russian was unnerved by more - either the conversation or Anthony's attempt to steal her animal hat...

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