Sneak Peek: Cast photo for Kill Shakespeare in Dubai

We’re on quite a theatrical run here of late, eh?

This morning Anthony and I were treated to a lovely surprise when Gautam Goenka, the mastermind behind Kill Shakespeare’s Dubai stage debut, sent us a photo of a cast rehearsal.

Now that looks like a comfy casting couch!

In the photo from L to R are our Iago (Amod Munga), Othello (Eben Thomas),  Hamlet (Ahmed Rabieh), Gautam (the director of the piece) and Juliet (Priyanka Johri).  I’m definitely digging the fact that almost half the cast are using tablets to run their lines — it’s a digital world now, baby!

Unquestionably the Middle East Film & Comic Con is going to be one of the highlights of the year for Anthony and I. Not only do we get to escape the cold Canadian spring for the warmth of Dubai (MEFCC runs April 5th and 6th), and help grow comic culture in the Middle East, we’ll also get to see all the great work Gautam and his dedicated team of actors are doing in person.

(Even if I will burn like a son-of-a-gun out there in the desert).


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