One of the most exciting and, for me, nerve-wracking projects for Kill Shakespeare in 2013 is the on-going roll-out of the stageshow.

It’s exciting because the stageshow allows us to reach an entirely different audience and get new people interested in stepping into the Kill Shakespeare world. It’s nerve-wracking though for that same reason: new people means new opportunities for misunderstanding the “point” of Kill Shakespeare. We’re here to praise the Bard, not to bury him, as those who’ve attended a convention with us have probably heard us say, but not everyone gets that.

Moving to the stage is also a bit intimidating because theatre audiences can have a reputation for… well, let’s put ths kindly, bone-shattering snobbery.

This is the sort of guy that sends Conor crawling for the exits.

And theatre critics? Oh, man they can be the WORST: with a glass of chardonnay in one hand, a wheel of  camembert in the other, and cheekbones that could cut glass, they scare the hell out of me by just SAYING the name Brecht.

Add to all THAT, the reality that in about a week the most ambitious undertaking of the dramatic reading EVER attempted is hitting the stage in Chicago, and you can tell why my already poor sleep habits might take a further nose dive.

Imagine my relief when Anderson Lawfer, the head-cheese over at Strawdog Theatre, the folks who are going to put Kill Shakespeare on stage for an unprecedented THREE WEEK run, called me to tell me that Time Out Chicago wanted to do an article on the show. It seems like those arbitrers of all that is cool in the Windy City think Kill Shakespeare fits the bill.

And indeed they have, and they seem quite excited about the whole thing.

Kill Shakespeare: The Dramtic Reading will hit the boards on March 4th and goes until the 26th in Strawdog’s cabaret space (the warm-and-fuzzily named Hugen Hall – grab tickets here).

You spell theatrical visionary: A-n-d-e-r-s-o-n L-a-w-f-e-r

Aside from talking up the show, Time Out goes in-depth about

Anderson and the rest of the Strawdog team and their penchant for staging some of the most interesting and innovative theatre in the city.

I certainly hope that fans of ours in and around Chicago will be able to attend the show — from what Anderson tells us it is going to be an experience unlike anything else that you have seen.

And if Ms. Snooty-critic with the killer cheekbones and the gluten-free diet doesn’t like it? Well fine… I’ll sleep soundly regardless.

(plus, I’d just show her this)


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