The Tide of Blood is Released Today!

After a year of work and preparation, our new mini-series The Tide of Blood debuts today in comic book shops in the United States, Canada and the U.K.!

We’ve already received a great number of emails, tweets and Facebook messages and posts (from readers, fans and retailers) telling us how excited they are to see the issues on the shelves.  And we received these photos earlier today:

Doug Simpson from Paradise Comics tweeted this photo early this morning

The team from Traveling Man UK tweeted this photo to us, expressing their excitement

We are, of course, celebrating today’s release with a signing at Toronto’s Paradise Comics this evening from 4-7pm.  We are also signing at The Silver Snail on Saturday (the 23rd) from 1-4pm and then our Toronto Launch Party is next Friday from 8-11pm at The Comic Book Lounge and Gallery.

And check out this review of the first issue, which gives the it a 5 out of 5, from Comics Bulletin‘s Keith Silva, praising the story and the art.

Please send us images of the book as you purchase them – we’re excited to post as many of them as possible!

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