The Kill Shakespeare Bar!

Yes, for one weekend in late March there will indeed be a Kill Shakespeare bar…

As a part of FableTown and Beyond (March 22-24) a spot known as Brad’s Place will be going back in time to become the Kill Shakespeare Bar, which will host all the attendees.  It’s a pretty cool olde english-y type of pub that hopefully will inspire some great conversations, laughter, and perhaps even a bar fight or two (but that’ll only be between myself and our intern extraordinaire Keith Morris, I predict, though I’m sure that I have many other enemies…).

Here is a quick screen grab from the YouTube clip, also show below.

As the Fabletown and Beyond website says:

“Every convention has the one bar where everyone ends up hanging out. But, as far as we know, no convention has opened it’s own private bar, specifically for the event. We’re rather proud to be the first. During the entire three days of the show, we’ll have the Kill Shakespeare bar open for the exclusive use of our attendees. It’s in the Lord Essex room of the Kahler Hotel, operated by your host, Brad Thomte (of San Diego Fables Panel fame), as a place where you can enjoy good drinks, good food, and unprecedented small-group access to our wonderful and erudite guests. Buying them a drink in order to ply them for inside information on your favorite Mythic Fiction books is not only allowed—it’s ordained.”

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