Happy Birthday to The Beguiling!

We have been blessed to have gotten to know a lot of retailers and their stores over the last couple of years and it’s one of the best parts of the job.  Retailers often put their entire lives into their stores and are the culture makers/influencers/purveyors of what is good in the comics industry.

Chris Butcher, Andy and Anthony at The Beguiling (April, 2010)

One of the top retailers we have worked with is The Beguiling, located right here in Toronto.  We have our second-ever signing at The Beguiling (two days after the first) and the boys there – Chris, Andrew, Peter, everyone – have been great advocates for us (and sold many copies of our books).  Chris Butcher in particular has been a true ambassador for comics in the city and is, I believe, currently in Japan taking part in the manga festival/exchange there.  In all of the cities we travel to The Beguiling has a great reputation and a number of stores have modeled themselves after them.

The Beguiling turns 25 this week and we’d like to wish them a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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