Photos from New York Comic-Con

As mentioned in an earlier post, our trip to New York for the Comic-Con there was an amazing time for us. We had some great meetings, finally(!) went to see the memorable Sleep No More, and, of course, had a great Comic-Con.  We sold out of all of our books and almost all t-shirts, the Live Stage Reading on the Saturday was a success, and he met up with a lot of old and new friends.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

The banner that welcomed us all...

Conor prepares to open the show on the Thursday.

Anthony with comic writer Jeremy Holt, who was selling his two recently-released books Southern Dog and Cobble Hill (215 Ink)

Anthony and Conor with the Gideon Productions gang, who mounted our Live Stage Reading. In the middle is Jordana Williams, the director.

Yes, that's a tattoo of William Shakespeare's initials...

Anthony seems to be attacked at each show. This time is was by a Jedi agent...

The first customers of the show! And from the Philippines!

A brave Baltimore Orioles fan shows off her shirt in the midst of a playoff series against the Yankees.

Anthony and Conor with Zach McNally, actor from Sleep No More

A Kill Shakespeare - Game of Thrones cross-over

Pop! Pop!

Conor chases down the last customers of the weekend...

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