Anthony and Kagan appear at BookFest Windsor this Thursday

Conor and I attended last year’s BookFest Windsor event and quite enjoyed it and we were thrilled to be asked to return again this year.  Conor will be in Halifax for Hal-Con and a one-week engagement of our stage show but I will be able to return to Windsor this year to take part.

And this year I’m bringing with me a new traveling mate – Kagan McLeod!

Kagan at the NYC Kill Shakespeare gallery showing (at Chair and the Maiden)

Kagan and I are speaking this Thursday from 4-5pm at the Joy Family Theatre, moderated by Shawn Cousineau of the local comic book shop Rogues Gallery Comics.  It should be a great talk about comics, graphic novels, illustration, Kill Shakespeare and everything else.  If you’re in the Windsor area come and check it out. I may even try to get Kagan to talk about his love of hip-hop (he sat on a panel at New York Comic-Con last weekend with members of Run DMC).

We are also doing a talk on Friday at Kagan’s alma mater, Walkerville Collegiate.

You can find out more about our session at Bookfest Windsor here.

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