Andy Belanger gets the Star Treatment

Comic journalism, like comics themselves, sometimes doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

It also can see a sharp divide. Bloggers talk about the latest “capes” book while the “serious” journalists focus more on the sort of work you might see Adrian Tomine or Alison Bechdel put out.

Serious comic. Serious journalism.

So it was an extra pleasant surprise to read Keith Silva’s amazing piece on our own Andy Belanger (with a nice helping of Andy’s sweetheart Becky Cloonan) in the e-pages of Comics Bulletin. The story really embraces Andy’s love of genre as well as personal storytelling.

The feature length article takes a look at Andy’s whole career – starting with the fact that Andy’s Dad was Batman… no, seriously…

As you learn in the article Andy grew up on the mean streets of San Francisco's "Castro" district

Keith has put together a wonderfully written piece that is a real credit to journalism and also surprised me by teaching me a few new things about our fave artist and partner.

Enjoy the read!

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