Toronto Comic-Con Panel

On Friday, March 26th we hosted a panel at the Toronto Wizard Comic-Con that talked about comics and Shakespeare.  It was a very lively debate, with a great crowd and insightful panelists.  The panel, moderated by Kill Shakespeare co-creator Conor McCreery, featured myself, artist Andy Belanger, comic book artist Cameron Stewart, Shakespeare academic Ted McGee, and actors Kate Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis) and Carlos Diaz (Cra$h and Burn).

Panelists prepare for the tough questions.

The group of panelists after surviving Conor's probing questions

Anthony stumbles by not having pre-arranged Shakespeare jokes (unlike Cameron).

Cameron and Andy share a joke at Conor's expense.

Conor and Andy discuss where to go for lunch (while everyone looks on)...

Shakespeare scholar Ted McGee (University of Waterloo)

Thanks to everyone who showed up and to Crystal Luxmore for taking the photos (you can see all photos at this link).

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