A pensive Anthony ponders how much longer he can beliveably say he's turning 30.

Today, some thirty years ago more or less (well more, but whose REALLY counting?), Anthony Del Col came onto the scene.

Please join me in wishing him a wonderfully happy birthday and here’s hoping he survivies yet ANOTHER death defying stunt on his big day. The stout-hearted man has taken on sky-diving, bungie cord jumping, working with me, and now he’s set to take on another daredevil adventure — walking the EDGE of the CN TOWER!

For a look at what Anthony is going to face watch a few minutes of this video — I can’t wait for the photo of Anthony sitting in thin air.

Anthony, you’re a great partner, but more importantly than that you bring joy to every room you walk into and a smile to every face.

Have a great one – and here is a little birthday song for you!

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