Kill Shakespeare in San Francisco!

Conor, Andy B and I are heading off to San Francisco tomorrow (Wednesday) to take part in this year’s WonderCon.  At the show we will be officially launching the series and doing some signings.  We are also overseeing a panel discussion on Sunday, with the following information:

What Would Shakespeare Do?

With both epic and personal tales of adventure, violence, romance, lust, and drama, today’s comic book stories bear many similarities to the tales of William Shakespeare. The creators of IDW Publishing’s Kill Shakespeare debut their new series and debate—with other creators and academics—how relevant Shakespeare still is in today’s comic book world. Would the Bard be rolling over in his grave at the thought of Hamlet rubbing shoulders with Batman and Buffy, or would he be working alongside Stan Lee creating a new flock of “true believers”? Room 220 – 2:30 – 3:30

If you’re at WonderCon stop by the IDW booth to chat and find out more about Kill Shakespeare!

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